• Got 15 minutes a day?

  • Overview

    15 mins per day

    If you have 15 mins, you can speak Spanish.

    That is all you need to start learning.

    365 emails

    One email per day, containing different activities to work on all your skills, with vocabulary, audio files, exercises, videos, grammar explanations, reinforcement activities...


    Access to a closed Facebook group to connect and share your progress.

    Direct contact with the teacher via email.

    Conversation Class

    A 20 min conversation lesson offered every 14 days. If you don't practice the language you're learning, you will never master it!

    Quarterly evaluations

    Four evaluation tests to check your personal progress. Custom correction and feedback sent to your inbox.

  • Features

    This is what you'll get with the subscription!

    ⎈ Daily email with short grammar explanations and vocabulary flashcards for you to start learning Spanish immediately.

    Exclusive audio recordings for you to practice your listening skills (at your leisure).

    ⎈ Quarterly revision tests for all previous content including personalised feedback/corrections.

    ⎈ Hints and tips to improve all aspects of your Spanish.

    Access to a private Facebook group to interact with other Spanish learners on the course – including the teacher (who will respond to your questions in less than 24 hours!).

    Bonus material (subscriptions only!)

    ✯✯✯ A free copy of Amantes del Español – 1, which is my full text book containing all the explanations, audio files, exercises, and answers from my regular personal courses (Normal price is 6€).

    ✯✯ Every fortnight there are free 20 minute personal Skype lessons offered per person.

    Exclusive access to offers on a range of lessons, courses, and both online/offline workshops as they become available.

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    Get one week free (no credit card required) or choose to go straight to a monthly subscription (with an optional yearly discount available!).

    Not sure which one is for you? If you are a complete beginner or have very little knowledge, you need Compass Spanish 1...

    Compass Spanish 1


    The full course will take you to an elementary level (A2+).




    Free for 1 week or only 8€/9$ per month (or at a discounted price of 75€/83$ for a whole year!).

    However, if you already know the basics... then get Compass Spanish 2 (below)

    Compass Spanish 2


    The full course will take you to an upper intermediate level (B2+)




    Free for 1 week or only 8€/9$ per month (or at a discounted price of 75€/83$ for a whole year!).

  • Testimonials...

    Satisfied customers!

    Joan Browne


    "I like everything about the course. It is interesting, varied and well structured. The personalised corrections are excellent and really helps one to learn. It is also great value for money and the daily bite sized exposure, via email to the Spanish language cannot but help to improve one’s Spanish. The book, Amantes del Español is again, very well structured with clear print and great illustrations. The question is, What is there not to like about this course?"

    Angela Long (Dun Laoghaire, Ireland)


    "Maria's Compass Spanish arrives every day without fail, prompting me to delve into my Spanish ability. The lessons are in bite-size chunks, so don't overwhelm. There is a good variety of video, audio, and gentle prodding to master the irregular situations. The face-to-face language sessions with lovely Maria are also very helpful and she is assiduous in noting all the words (many in my case!) which the student doesn't know. It is very good value, and I highly recommend Compass Spanish"

  • Teacher

    Hi there! I'm María, a certified Spanish as a Foreign language teacher (ELE) and also (DELE) examiner.

    Founder of Online Spanish Tutor and Spanish Workshops , you can find out more about me, my teaching methods, the lessons and courses I offer, or what the students say, all at Online Spanish Tutor // María http://mariaortegagarcia.com . I am living in Dublin (Ireland) at the moment, so it is there that I am organising my onsite Spanish Culture Workshops! If you are in Dublin and interested in having a Spanish Experience, visit http://spanishworkshops.net to know what is brewing.